Rahasyamai and Fairy Tale Cycle Pure 48 Magical Agarbatti9


Length of the stick48.26 cm
Type of bathiScented Bathi
Burning Time180 Minutes
Packing TypeSquare Packet
Number of Sticks4 Nos
FragrancesPowdery, Oriental, Fruity, Floral

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Key Features of Cycle Pure Agarbathi Rahasyamai and Fairy Tale Long Sticks 

  • Total 48 Long Sticks 4 each in 12 boxes
  • Last for 3 hours
  • Each stick has 4 different fragrances
  • Rahasyamai has – Durva, Naivedya, Bhupali and Vibhinnatha fragrances
  • Fairy Tale has – Dazzle, Glitter, Helix and Odyssey fragrances
  • Good for Special occassions and office use.
  • Length 16 inch long

Note: Any one flavour from rahasyamai and fairy tale will be shipped depending on availability.

Unravel the mystical story with Fairy Tale Agarbatti, a speciality offering from Cycle Pure Agarbathies. A wonderful innovation by our research labs, this 19 inches long incense is a mesmerizing fusion of four distinct aromas on a single stick, that produces this celebratory fragrance. Each scent blends into the other in a beautiful way, enveloping and transporting you to a dreamy and magical world of Fairy Tales!

Without fairy tales, we would not have unworldly naiveté and imagination. The strange but likeable protagonists and “fairy tale endings” encourage us to gather our determination and strength to pursue the happy endings that we yearn to have. Incense is like a fairy tale with a magical story which captures its vibe.

A speciality product from Cycle Pure, Rahasyamayi Agarbatti promises to take you on a mystical journey where you discover four different fragrances on a single stick. Blissfully aromatic and beautifully blended with each other, these scents are enigmatic, enchanting and alluring in an unexplainable way.

Unravel the mystery as you burn these incenses and lose yourself to the subtle and captivating power of all four fragrances. An experience that is so unique, divine and deeply pacifying!

A flagship product by Cycle Pure, Cycle Three in One Agarbatti is an exquisite amalgamation of love, devotion and prosperity. Fragrances that define the simplicity of life. A pack of Cycle Three in One contains a medley of three exciting fragrances:

1. Serene (Lily) for Devotion – Just like the serene environs where the lily blooms, the delicate, elusive scent of Serene creates an ambience of tranquillity around you. Lose yourself in this breathtaking fragrance, and let peace and calm transcend upon you.

2. Yugantar (Fancy) for prosperity – A fragrance laden with the aroma of fresh fruit, Yugantar is a captivating and enticing creation. Rejuvenate and refresh your senses with this sweet and scrumptious scent that lingers around you long after it is brunt.

3. Jagrane (Intimate) for love – An instantly refreshing, resinous and woody scent of lush greens with coniferous undertones brings within a feeling of warmth, soothes the mind and awakens your senses. Jagrane is a fragrance as pure and fresh as nature that alleviates stress and creates a cosy atmosphere.

Pushkarini Agarbatti from Cycle Pure is a beautiful amalgamation of herbs, resins and natural oils that are blended together to give a fragrance that is so pure and divine, which lingers long after it has been burnt.

Just as bathing in the sacred pond “Pushkarini”, is said to cleanse and purify a person, the fragrance of Pushkarini incense sticks enhances spirituality creating an ambience of purity and tranquillity in your surroundings.

Yagna, a premium pack of Agarbathies is a unique formulation created by our visionary founder in late 1940s and handed down through generations. ‘Yagna’ refers to any ritual performed in front of Agni or sacred fire, often by chanting mantras. Yagna Agarbathies is an aromatic amalgamation of all natural and pure ingredients offered to Agnidev while performing this divine prayer.

The holy, divine and unique fragrance of these Incense sticks purifies your ambience and creates a spiritual aura for prayer and meditation.

A wonderful blend of natural oils, resins with a subtle spicy hint of cinnamon, has been beautifully captured in this pack of Woods Agarbatti; a premium offering by Cycle Pure Agarbathies. The unique fragrance of Amber with a touch of Musk and Sandalwood with a refreshing note of Geranium transports you to a haven of harmony and bliss.

The sanctity and Aroma-chological benefits of these substances are cherished since time immemorial. The woody and herbaceous aroma of these incense sticks is an instant mood enhancer and stress reliever. This unique formulation of Woods, with all its natural goodness, purifies your ambience and promotes tranquillity, peace and relaxation.


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