Balaji Favorite agarbatti 780 gm Magical Incense Sticks


Length of the stick20.32 cm
Type of bathiScented Bathi
Burning Time30 Minutes
Packing Type Zipper Pouch
FragrancesFloral, Bouquet, Fruity, Perfumic, Jasmine

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balaji agarbatti company


Key features of Balaji Favorite Agarbatti

  • Balaji’s Favorite has Premium Quality of fragrance.
  • Pack of six units each unit consist of 120 gms or around 100 incense sticks.
  • Natural Room freshener.
  • Long lasting aroma.
  • Economic pack of five units would easily last for couple of months.
  • Free Shipping.

It is made to perfection with a balanced blend of essential oils, herbs and wood powders. This treasured art of creating incense is handed down through generations and is as suited for use in homes and work places as in temples.

Its incense will purify your surroundings and to create a pleasant atmosphere. It is made to perfection with a balanced blend of essential oils, herbs and wood powders. This treasured art of creating incense is handed down through generations and is as suited for use in homes and work places as in temples.

Balaji Incense Sticks is the most popular Indian incense enjoyed around the world. Balaji agarbatti stick is a unique blend of flowers, resins and essential oils. Shop now this Marvelous Balaji Favorite Premium Incense sticks online at modest Price and feel yourself peace of mind blended with pleasant experience!

About Balaji Favorite Agarbatti Chandan Incense sticks

  • Ideal size Long Lasting Incense Sticks- Fragrance of Incense Sticks spreads till, Safe for health – 103% Natural herbs – No dipping in harmful Chemicals- Low Smoke – Environment friendly
  • Their scent is subtle with a decent smell. They give a fragrance lingering depth and warmth.
  • It relieves the body of stress, anxiety, and tension. Creates an aura of positive energy.
  • Hand-rolled Incense Sticks using traditional techniques. We use environmentally responsible production methods to give you the best aromatic experience. We believe every being has an equal right to live and thus never test on animals or use animal products.
  • Incense Sticks for Aromatherapy, Incense Sticks for worshipping, Wedding events, Spa, Reiki, Meditation, Healing, Yoga, Sensual Therapy, Positivity, Relaxation, etc. Our Natural Cannabis Incense gives you inner peace and relaxation.

Inspired by nature, Chandanam Prayer Sticks from Agarbathies capture the fragrance of sandalwood and creates an ambience that is ideal for prayer. Timeless and pure, this everlasting creation is reminiscent of the oil from the core of the sandalwood tree and promotes energy and enhances meditation.

One of the most valuable trees in the world, Sandalwood with its sweet, warm and woody fragrance instils a sense of well-being and relaxation and magically wraps you in peace, joy and harmony.

Revive the vibes around you with the classy and majestic Favorite Agarbatti. These incense sticks carry the classic fragrance of sandalwood with a modern twist that instils a warm, lingering and harmonizing tone with its sweet, woody, warm and rich fragrance. Use of the divine fragrance of Sandalwood is known since time immemorial. The most sought after fragrance used for both divine purpose and to create a pleasant ambience.

Positive traits are the gifts bestowed upon us by the almighty himself. The glory of this gift manifests itself through our words and deeds. Knowing our positive traits helps us harness our full potential and thereby create new opportunities for ourselves and for people around us.

Making proper use of the rewards received for the betterment of oneself and those around us is a way of thanking the lord. The feminine and delicious fragrance of Balaji agarbatti with a hint of the sweetness of amber helps you contemplate and realise the special gift in you.

Talking to oneself is the right way to understand one’s actual needs before finding ways to accomplish it. Peaceful ambience instigates the ability to talk to oneself. We have various instance from history that talks about enlightenment of great people when they are at peace.

The captivating oriental fragrance with a blend of fresh floral notes from Favorite agarbatti from the house of Balaji Agarbatti creates an ambience that is deeply soothing and induces peace. It helps you experience peace and look within your own self, contemplate and thereby herald your personal growth.


Balaji Agarbatti Company

Established in the year 1957, we, Balaji Agarbathi India, are one of the acclaimed manufacturer, exporter, supplier & trader of an extensive collection of Incense Sticks, Perfumes & Soaps. Our product spectrum consists of Base Incense Sticks, Flora Incense Sticks and Perfumed Incense Sticks, which is massively acknowledged and accepted by our customers for its marvelous fragrance, longer burning time, stick length and excellent durability. We are extremely concerned with the quality of our range and this is the reason we make use of premium quality ingredients obtained from our dependable and trustworthy vendors. Our products are widely used for religious ceremonies, aromatherapy and other daily usages.We are backed by a magnificent infrastructure well equipped with machined based on the modern and latest technology. In addition, we have recruited a team of experienced and skilled professionals, who are well trained to understand the diverse client needs and offer exact solutions for the same. We are the preferred choice of our valuable customers due to the outstanding range of Incense Sticks, Perfumes and Soaps offered by us. Further, we provide the products under multiple brand names that include as Jasmine, Focus, Prayer First, Chandan, World, Nadal Oodh, Balaji 100, and Colours.We are a partnership firm enjoying an unbeatable reputation under the accomplished leadership of Mr. Bhaskar P.R. His magnificent industry experience and consistent guidance have motivated us to reach our organizational goals in a timely manner. We are based on the grounds of moral values & principles and are engaged in ethical business dealings only. We export our products in US & European Countries.
balaji agarbatti company


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