In many cultures and subcultures of India, agarbatti are burnt while offering prayer. The incense stick suppliers in India fathom this well-known fact and have to offer Incense sticks and cones made specifically for this purpose.

But, do you know why only the agarbatti and no other methods are used to spread aroma while worshipping? Check out the reasons below:

1) Incense Sticks Helps in Concentration: 

Along with enveloping the aura with mesmerizing fragrance, an incense stick or incense cone (dhoop) helps in building concentration as well as focus. And while praying, the aforementioned are very much essential.

2) Incense sticks Purify the Aura: 

All thanks to the wholesale incense sticks manufacturers of India for manufacturing the perfumed sticks with substances that not only purify the aura but also subtracts the negative energy from the environment. Both are indispensable while connecting with the divine.

3) Bad Odor At Bay: Quite an obvious fact but the fragrance incense stick manufacturers in India continuously endeavor to come up with new and fresh aromas that keep bad odor from the worship place away and offer a soothing aroma necessary for worship.

4) Keep the Insects Away: Of course, there are certain incense sticks that are produced by few of the wholesale agarbatti sticks manufacturers of India that helps in keeping mosquitoes, flies, etc. away but they cannot be burnt at worshipping place because they are not good for human health.

Therefore, fragrance sticks that are made of natural compounds are used at worshipping place because along with releasing a mesmerizing aroma, they help in keeping insects away and are completely safe for humans.

So, now you know few of the reasons for why there are lots and lots of fragrance sticks burning at the same time at a majority of worshipping place. Premium Agarbatti which is one of the leading incense stick suppliers of India understands the importance of a burning incense stick at a worship place and thus, it has to offer flavors of incense sticks such as Nag Champa, Lavender, Sandalwood, Rose, etc. These flavors build a soothing environment that helps you in connecting with the divine.

incense sticks
incense sticks