Moksh Swarna Mogra Agarbatti amazing 720 gm

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Moksh Swarna Mogra Agarbatti offers a passion filled fragrance as it is made by the blooms of the aromatic Indian Jasmine flower. It broadly appreciated for its soothing and long lasting aroma, lesser smoke release and also cost effectiveness.

Length of the stick20.32 cm
Quantity720 gm in 6 packs
Burning Time30-40 Minutes
Packing TypeZipper Pouch
FragrancesMogra, Jasmine, Floral

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moksh Agarbatti



  • Total 720 Premium Incense Sticks (Approx 120 each in 6 Pack)
  • Strong Fragrance
  • Good for Daily Household and Office use
  • Sufficient for 2 months
  • Economic Pack
  • Black Sticks with Natural Fragrance
  • Fragrance of Mogra is know for Refreshing air

Traditional Natural Mogra agarbatti from Moksh Agrbatti Co. 100% Genuine Product. Product Image is Symbolic and may be different from actual product in design and color. Best agarbatti for daily household and office use.

Jasmine or mogra is widely loved and appreciated for its sublime and floral smell. On summer nights, the faint smell of jasmine flowers elates the hearts and makes us forgets all worries. Moksh agarbatti has used superior quality ingredients to bring to you the authentic smell of mogra that calms you and makes you feel better.

The finest Mogra Agarbattis from Moksh Swarna brand for your puja. Its delightful fragrance makes every prayer a special experience. It dispels your worries and helps you have an undisturbed conversation with God. The fragrance spreads throughout the room and creates an auspicious environment. Start your day with Moksh Swarna Mogra Agarbatti. These are premium quality agarbattis.

About this item

  • Mesmerizing Fragrance of Mogra feels real natures real fragrance
  • Length of stick: 8 inch, No of sticks: 120g each unit, burning time: 20-25 mins each stick
  • Aroma of Asli Mogra agarbatti floats its way throughout your home instantly lifting the mood and creating a kind and inviting atmosphere
  • Value of Incense sticks has been known in the Indian tradition from the time of Gautama Buddha in ancient India. These sticks are used as air fresheners during normal days as well and integral part of every Hindu ceremonies.
  • All Moksh Swarna products creates an aura that your prayer reaches the divine and is completed
  • We manufacture a wide range of incense products for our consumers.
  • Spread the natural fragrances by bringing these fragrance sticks at home and increase the positivity and peace while working, praying or Meditation.
  • They are made by creating the best mixture of essential oils, barks, flowers, resins and they are worked into a tar like roll, or they are just blended together.
  • The combination of all these creates an amazing and pleasant aromatic smell offering you the best experience for all your purposes.
  • Easy to use and safe incense sticks that create encouraging and inviting environment to boost divinity.
  • Using it on an everyday basis can eliminate all the negative energy and help you attain your spiritual goals in a peaceful manner.

Moksh Swarna Mogra Agarbatti emits a heady aroma that fills your heart with euphoria and uplifts the mind to its highest state. The aroma of this rich, floral scent has a profound soothing effect on mind and emotions. Bring home this traditional yet contemporary fragrance and start your day with this good luck classic. Mogra, a beautiful cluster of fragrant flowers is prized for its unparalleled essence. A species from Jasmine lineage, this night blooming flower has been used for ages in diverse ways. The flower is an emblem of feminine kindness that indicates grace, delicacy and cheerfulness.

How to Use Moksh Swarna Mogra Agarbatti ?

1. Hold the Agarbatti at the uncovered end of the stick and light the other end using a matchstick.

2. Hold the flame for some time until the stick ignites.

3. If you see a glowing amber, then the incense stick is burning properly. If you do not see anything, and the tip looks ashy, then you will need to relight the stick

4. If the agarbatti is still burning even after seeing the amber then gently blow out the flame.

5. Keep the burning stick away from flammable materials.


Moksh Agarbatti

“Moksh” a concept long embedded in the Hindu way of life, stands for the salvation of the soul. It is the ultimate renunciation that provides “mukti” from the circle of life and death. Living up to the meaning of the word, Moksh agarbatti has carved a niche for itself in the incense industry in no time. Founded in 1996 by Mr. Sesh Kiran Ashiya and Anand Kumar Ashiya.
moksh Agarbatti


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