Pooja Paath 3 in 1 Agarbatti 780 gm magical Incense Sticks


General description of Pooja Paath Agarbatti
Pack Contents6 Packs each of 130 gm (3 x 1 Fragrances)
Length of the stick20.32 cm
Type of bathiScented Bathi
Burning Time30 Minutes
Packing TypeResealable zipper Pack
FragrancesNag Champa, Lavender, Sandal

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Key Features of Pooja Paath 3 in 1 Agarbatti

  • Total 780 gm incense sticks in pack  of 6
  • Consists of three different fragrances
  • Creates soothing ambience
  • Economic pack best suited for daily home usage
  • Sufficient for couple of month.
  • Lenght: 8 inch 
  • Burning Time: 30-40 min

A ‘masala’ or mixture of 100% natural aromatic botanicals (no charcoal) are rolled into natural bamboo sticks as compared to ‘dip incense’ in which sticks of charcoal are dipped into synthetic fragrance or essential oils.

Infused with the abundance of nature these aromatic ingredients combine to produce a smooth, slow-burning incense. The result is a fresh and fragrant breath of conscious bliss.

Hand rolled natural bamboo sticks into a masala (spice mix) containing Sandalwood (Santalum album) in a propreitary base of Jeegat (natural bark) and other aromatic herbs, resins and essential oils. Our classic Ayurvedic incense do not contain synthetic fragrances, glue, toxic fillers or burners, charcoal or dung.

We not use apply the dipping technique, thus creating non-toxic incense sticks, suitable for indoor use. Suitable for indoor use, safe for children, elderly and pets.

To light the Pooja Paath incense Sticks:

  • Place the stick with the non-coated end on a heat-resistant surface, such as a trivet or ceramic tile.
  • Hold a lit match or a lighter flame to the coated end of the incense for ten seconds or more till it lights.
  • Blow out the incense flame and let it begin to smolder.
  • The incense stick will smoke light gray to white in color.
  • Never leave burning incense unattended.
  • When done, you can use the ash as combust for your plants.

It is made to perfection with a balanced blend of essential oils, herbs and wood powders. This treasured art of creating incense is handed down through generations and is as suited for use in homes and work places as in temples.

Its incense will purify your surroundings and to create a pleasant atmosphere. It is made to perfection with a balanced blend of essential oils, herbs and wood powders. This treasured art of creating incense is handed down through generations and is as suited for use in homes and work places as in temples.

High-quality incense sticks ideal for daily puja rituals. We prepare this fragrance with a careful blending of pure raw materials.

  • Pooja Paath Nagchampa luxury incense sticks have a sweet, balsamic and woody fragrance known for its gathering effect on the mind and body. Nagchampa is widely used for meditation, worship, and attracting positivity in one’s living space.
  • Nagchampa organic incense sticks are known to have a deeply calming and refreshing effect on the mind, helping in maintaining focus during prayers.
  • Made from sacred temple flowers, 100% natural essential oils. Puja path natural incense sticks are hand-rolled by our women flower-cyclers.
  • Charcoal-free incense sticks dipped in natural essential oils. These Organic Incense sticks are safe and healthy and one of the best stress-relievers.
  • Each box contains 40 Incense Sticks and a handmade wooden Incense holder. Each stick is 25.4 cm in length and comes with a long burning time of 40 – 45 minutes.

Nagchampa, a blend of the Frangipani flower and sandalwood, is one of the most popular Indian fragrances in the space of spirituality and wellbeing across the world. Known for its abundant therapeutic properties, Nagchampa has a deeply calming and harmonizing effect on the mind & body. Its sweet resinous aroma is widely used for meditation and invoking positivity in one’s living space, helping people reconnect with the divine in them.

Made from sacred temple flowers and highest quality ingredients offered by nature, each Nagchampa agarbatti is handmade and dipped in natural essential oils. Unlike the synthetic incense commonly available in the market, aromatic Incense is 100% natural and charcoal free. At Pooja Paath, we take pride in making 100% eco-friendly, pure and natural incense sticks.


Pooja Paath

Pooja Paath Agarbatti

Our land has been recognized for many saintly souls, philosophers, mystic gurus who are known to have transcended the earthly realm and experienced the ultimate truth. At Pooja Paath, we are inspired by this rich lineage, and our agarbattis and other puja-related products reflect the same. On the spiritual note, India has a lot to offer to each wandering soul who has been looking to connect to their inner self, and we aspire to be a constant support in that spiritual journey by furnishing premium handcrafted products.
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