Tulasi Sandalwood agarbatti 660 gm unique Incense Sticks

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With Tulasi Sandalwood as main ingredients, this product consists of incense sticks for general purpose. One of the better ways to bring the nature’s natural aroma into your living place is to burn these incense sticks and to create the moment to rejoice. Tulasi Pure Sandal wood Incense has 110 gm sticks in each pack and the box consists of 6 packs.

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Tulasi Agarbatti


Key Features of Tulasi Sandalwood Agarbatti

  • Total 660 gm Tulasi Sandalwood Incense Sticks 
  • Soothing Sandal Aroma
  • Chandan oil fragrance
  • Round Bamboo Stick
  • Machine Rolled
  • Resealable Zipper for long Lasting Fragrance

Soothing Tulasi Sandalwood fragrance. Strength – Moderate. Economic pack (pack of 6) consist of around 600 incense sticks. Best suited for daily use. Round bamboo stick, machine rolled consist of Essential Sandal oil.

Sandalwood stimulates the base (Seventh) Chakra, improving self identity and trust. In the Ayurvedic healing tradition, it promotes energy and enthusiasm, increasing your self­-esteem and zest near your door welcomes your guests and attunes them to your home’s positivity, encouraging them to leave their doubts and anger outside. Sandalwood’s magical powers will enhance your meditation and increase the power of your wishes.

Sandalwood or “Chandana” is used in Ayurveda, an Indian natural healing tradition. Burning aromatic Tulasi Sandalwood Incense Sticks will release natural antiseptics into the air. Breathing in the aromatic smoke from a Sandalwood incense stick can help to lift melancholy and promote restful sleep. It subdues aggression and irritability, promotes compassion and openness and enhances meditation.

It is particularly good for stress relief. Tulasi Sandalwood is also an aphrodisiac, and can stimulate a sensual mood. The strong aroma given off by a Sandalwood Incense makes them a good tool to use during meditation exercises, can add spice to more mundane tasks. Use the heady aroma of Sandal to help your mind drift to more beautiful and spiritual surroundings.

Light up agarbatti when you’re ready to start exercising, such as on an exercise bike, using your Bowflex or during aerobics. As you exercise close your eyes and breath in the heady aroma, letting your mind drift with its scent. After a few deep breaths, imagine that rather than being in your room or gym, you’re cycling along a mountain path, perhaps in the mountains, under a warm summer sun.

Imagine the aroma coming from the beautiful trees that line your path. You’ll find this passes your exercise time more quickly and for sure is much more enjoyable! Sandal wood is a part of Ayurveda, an Indian system of healing. Tulasi Sandalwood Incense Sticks have a rich, woody aroma which provides a relaxing and supportive environment for meditation and well being.

Simply place one of your Tulasi Sandal wood Incense Sticks in an incense holder and light the tip. Once the tip is glowing, carefully blow out the flame and enjoy the relaxing aroma. 

Inspired by nature, Chandanam Prayer Sticks from Tulasi Agarbathies capture the fragrance of  chandan and creates an ambience that is ideal for prayer. Timeless and pure, this everlasting creation is reminiscent of the oil from the core of the sandal wood tree and promotes energy and enhances meditation.

One of the most valuable trees in the world, Sandal wood with its sweet, warm and woody fragrance instils a sense of well-being and relaxation and magically wraps you in peace, joy and harmony.

The classic scent of the fragrant Mysore Sandal is captured in Sandalum Agarbatti from Cycle Pure. Mysuru, the land of royalty, grandeur and splendor is also home to precious Sandalwood the “Royal Tree”, which holds an unmatched position in spirituality and in the world of fragrances due to its timeless and regal scent.

A heavenly creation, blending the incense extracted from the oil of the sandal tree. The woody, earthy and spicy fragrance which is rich, natural and so pure that it has unprecedented power creating a spiritual ambience ideal for prayer.

At Sarathi, quality is not just something that we strive towards; it is a work philosophy that is so deeply ingrained in us that it has become an integral part of our tradition. Quality is our first priority at every stage of the production process because we understand that the final product can be of excellent quality only if satisfactory checks have taken place at each and every stage of incense manufacturing and wholesale. Our expert team of professionals works tirelessly to ensure quality at every stage, from sourcing the raw material to documentation and shipping of our products.

Our aim is also to preserve the originality and authenticity of each and every piece of incense. Indian culture and heritage are part of this authenticity, which can be shared with the world only if we preserve the purity. They evoke emotions and memories of a rich and beautiful culture. It is with pride that we are able to share this culture with the world in the form of unique fragrances that each tell a story and share a memory.


Tulasi Incense

Sarathi Group is a manufacturer and exporter of premier quality incense sticks, cones, burners and fragrance oils from India. All the Agarbatti brands launched by the group have become synonymous with class and perfection. This reputation is earned through decades of hard work and the Sarathi Group’s dedication to business ethics.We at Sarathi Group are the forerunners in the manufacturing and wholesale suppliers of premier-quality incense sticks from India, since 1945. Driven by the aspirations of our consumers from all over the world, All the Agarbatti brands that we have launched resonate with sheer perfection and class. The global recognition that Sarathi Group celebrates is an outcome of the unwavering commitment to hard work and adherence to our disciplinary conventions.
Tulasi Agarbatti


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