Moksh Akash Phool Agarbatti 720 gm amazing fragrance

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Specification of Moksh Akash Phool agarbatti

  • Brand :- Moksh Agarbatti.
  • Type:- Incense sticks.
  • Material:- Charcoal Powder, Sawdust, Gum, Bamboo Stick and Perfume.
  • Weight :- 720g.
  • Features:- Fresh and exotic natural fragrance, It also helps to reduce stress and anxiety, It also helps to reduce stress, Get diffused in the air and the whole room is scented.

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moksh Agarbatti



  • Total 600 Premium Incense Sticks (100 each in 6 Pack)
  • Good for Daily Household and Office use
  • Sufficient for 2 months
  • Economic Pack
  • Round Sticks with Natural Fragrance

A blend of Sandalwood, floral extracts, herbs and spices, Akash Phool Agarbatti create a clean and calm atmosphere in your home and surroundings. The soothing tender fragrance with mild woody tones of this Agarbatti gives you a sense of comfort and stimulates your mind. Bring home this traditional yet contemporary fragrance and start your day with this good luck classic.

Considered as the creation of royals, it is a divine and ancient fragrance extracted from natural herbal plants. Also known as ‘the perfume from paradise’, Akash Phoolu in the form of incense is used for worship, ritual purification, and aromatherapy.

Moksh Akash Phool Agarbatti is made of high-quality natural ingredients. In India, burning incense is about spreading positivity all around areas, burning incense sticks is also a symbol of worshipping God and a symbol of peace and freshness. The gorgeous fragrance of exotic aroma on a woody and musky note provides a soft and gentle experience.

Incense sticks, also known as agarbathi and joss sticks are the main forms of incense in India, in which an incense paste is rolled or moulded around a bamboo stick. It creates a delightful atmosphere that will bring peace and joy.

The golden warmth of Amber is magically encapsulated in this pack of Agarbathies just for you. Lose yourself to its subtle, captivating power.

The sweet, resinous and woody aroma of these Agarbathies lingers all day to keep your surroundings fresh and fragrant. Always considered as an unattainable exotic luxury from the past, “Amber” has an evocative, mysterious quality that makes it one of the most precious and desirable fragrances in the world.

Scented Bathi with an oriental-floral fragrance. Creating from a unique blend of musk and rose with woody undertones. It infuses your living space with a soft mystic aura. Perfect for evening prayers and yoga.

A refreshing fragrance that resonates with the striking tribal art from the Santhal Paragana region in Bihar, Bengal and Jharkhand.  These paintings are a creative expression of the Santhal tribe, mainly depicting their perception of life.

Hand rolled with a meticulous blend of natural ingredients, the incense captures the timeless fragrance of Akash Phool. It has a touch of clove with citrus undertones that tip the mind into a realm of calm.

Emanates a refreshing, perky fragrance that is great to begin your day. Creates the perfect ambience for your daily puja, prayer, meditation and special occasions.  Akash Phool Sticks come in a spectacular packaging that accentuates the glory of this special folk art.

This Incense has a sweet layered scent that is lush, opulent and truly exhilarating. The fragrance has a distinct vibration that helps you with clarity and mood enhancement. The floral and silky aroma pleases all your senses and wraps you in peace and harmony. Its effects are both grounding and euphoric, promoting a sense of well-being and relaxation. Bring home this emotion transforming incense and soak in its delightful fragrance.

Inspired by the spiritual connection and divine aroma, the King of Fragrances – aptly named as Akash Phool Agarbatti, is an intricately entwined opulent blend of three most sought after varieties of Jasmine – Mogra, Juhi and Chameli.

A signature fragrance from Moksh, that evokes a fascinating aura, was originally created by the founder in 1958. While retaining its classical touch Akash Phool has evolved as contemporary fragrance blending the strong scents of jasmine with a touch of eternal rose.



Moksh Agarbatti

“Moksh” a concept long embedded in the Hindu way of life, stands for the salvation of the soul. It is the ultimate renunciation that provides “mukti” from the circle of life and death. Living up to the meaning of the word, Moksh agarbatti has carved a niche for itself in the incense industry in no time. Founded in 1996 by Mr. Sesh Kiran Ashiya and Anand Kumar Ashiya.
moksh Agarbatti


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